Disabled Refuge, Emergency Voice Communication Systems

Aspirating Smoke Detection
WAGNER relies on air sampling systems for smoke detection. Via a pipe system the air sampling smoke detection system actively takes air samples from the risk and passes them to an optical chamber.

Detection without false alarms
In contrast to point-type detectors which can be limited in their environmental applications air sampling smoke detection systems can possess a higher sensitivity - leading to quick and reliable fire detection!

Particularly suitable for difficult environments 
In difficult environments such as high ceilings, extreme temperatures, dirt and humidity or high aesthetic requirements an air sampling smoke detection system can produce reliable fire detection.

Environmental influences eliminated
Environmental conditions that can produce unwanted alarms can be eliminated (using technology, professional engineering, sophisticated pipe accessories). Optimal results can be reached by using a sensitivity and system suitable for the specific application.

The Haescomm EVCS concept covers Fire Telephone and Disabled Refuge Systems, as well as integrating Emergency Assist Alarm Systems in a single solution.

Compliance is at the core of the design process; every product fulfils the requirements of all applicable standards, coupled with high quality finishes, ease of installation and commissioning.

The use of networking in every controller ensures scalability and removes redundancy on sites allowing them to evolve from single stand alone systems to complex site wide campus scenarios. The networking allows 64 devices to be connected on a simple network ring of 2 off 2 core 1.5mm enhanced fire rated cables.

Alarm Devices

A wide range of EN54-3 & EN54-23 compliant sounders and sounder/beacons.

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Detection and Alarm, Disabled Refuge, Water Leak,

Eclipse, 2-4 Conventional

The Eclipse is a 2 or 4 zone conventional or Twin Wire fire control panel. Even as the entry level panel from Haes, the Eclipse encompasses all of our usual quality, reliability and ease of use attributes to provide a panel that meets a variety of needs.

  • 2 or 4 zone
  • False alarm management mode
  • Twin Wire selection by DIL switch
  • Class change and pulsing inputs
  • Fire & fault relays
  • One man walk test

Altair Intelligent Devices

Defining new standards in fire detection technology Altair represents a new generation of high performance detectors fully meeting the high demands and requirements of the market. Optical, thermal and multi-criteria detectors incorporate a fully digital protocol, a new and advanced chamber and one shot moulding technology. A versatile range of detector bases are available designed for the installer providing widest cable access, shorting spring and loop identity tag.

The dust restrict chamber DRC technology ensures that large dust particles are retained outside the chamber whilst smaller particles - due to the unique chamber geometry - do not settle on the wall of the chamber.

The advanced moulding technology ensures 100% visual inspection and honeycomb shaped holes for superior insect immunity. The insect screen employs an extremely high open close mesh for optimum low energy fire response..

MxPro 5 has been designed to offer more power and performance in a user-friendly enclosure. It packs more configuration, display, status and control options into its interface as standard than any other Advanced fire panel, which means less time and
expense customising a system with peripherals.