Designed for clear notification and easy
installation, the wireless MCP has quick and
simple resets with clear signal flags.

A led light allows the alarm condition to be
viewed over a wide angle. Without the need of
screws or any tools the front operating element
snaps into place by simply pressing it, for an
easy installation.

EN54-11 and EN54-25 approved..

​Taurus Wireless Technology

The Taurus product line includes one of the very few multi-sensor detectors available on a wireless fire system.

It combines smart algorithms and dual optical
sensing with A1R heat sensing.

EN54-7, EN54-5, EN54-25 approved.

Hyfire Taurus Optical Detector

Key features:
− Seamless combination with the MxPro5
control panel
− 60 communications channels (infrastructure
and field devices)
− Scalable architecture, easy to expand from
a single loop to multiple systems on the
same site
− Up to 6 Translators per loop
− Up to 128 devices per wireless Translator
− Up to 240 devices per hybrid loop
− Mesh Expander Technology, up to 15
Expanders per Translator

- Long communication range (≅1 km in open air)

The Key Advantages of Wireless Fire Systems

The Taurus technology is extremely
easy to install and represents a
cost-effective solution compared
to traditional cabled systems.

The Taurus wireless devices, eliminates the need for complex cable networks and all of the problems they can bring, allowing the installation to be completed in a very short time period – a few days and not weeks or months as for wired solutions – limiting time and direct contact on site, minimizing the disturbance for tenants and disruption to site. The system survey defines exactly the wireless infrastructure required, so equipment costs are guaranteed and fixed. The devices can be pre-programmed quickly and easily off site contributing to increase the speed of installation and reducing the people required to install. Project costs are optimized and deadlines almost guaranteed.

Hyfire Taurus Multi-Sensor Detector

Hyfire Taurus Translator Module

The Taurus wireless translator creates a unique wireless infrastructure and manages protocol
communications with the Hyfire panels.

Up to 128 devices can be attached to a single
Translator allowing wireless coverage to scale
in ways not possible before.

PassProtect technology allows to lock the
translator with a password, preventing the risk
of unauthorized access.

EN54-17, EN54-18, EN54-25 approved.

The wireless heat detector is a high performance unit with A1R rate of rise or BS static profile, programmable from one device for reduced inventory.

EN54-5, EN54-25 approved.

Hyfire Taurus Expander Module
Expanders allow the wireless network to scale, they extend the range and stability of the network by up to 1km and offer mesh expander technology to ensure communication continuity in the event of a failure.

EN54-18, EN54-25 approved.

Hyfire Taurus Heat Detector

Hyfire Taurus Manual Call Point

− Up to 32 devices per Expander
− 8 expansion hops delivers over 8 km range
from Translator to final device
− Dual channel redundancy
10 year battery life on inputs. 5 year battery
life on outputs (including weekly test)
− Fully synchronised outputs with rapid
reaction time
− Superior energy management using standard
CR123A lithium batteries across the range
− TauREX, new user-friendly survey, installation,
commissioning and maintenance software
− Superior field device performance
Network channels

Dual optical smoke detection with smart
algorithms and three sensitivity mode settings
delivers unparalleled performance across a
range of smoke types, and the best false alarm
rejection across a wide range of environments.

Advanced optical chamber design ensures high
optical performance while a reverse ingress
dust trap makes our optical sensors the most
contaminant resistant on the market, for better
performance and less maintenance.

EN54-7, EN54-25 approved.