HKC is a market leading Irish manufacturer of wired and wireless intruder alarm equipment suitable for all property types.

The Securecomm App allows the end user complete control of their alarm from any location. The HKC App delivers alarm alerts and messages via both audible and text notifications.

MinMoe TOUCH-FREE Temperature Screening Solution

Temperature screening with thermographic technology

  • Temperature measuring range: 30°C – 45°C; accuracy: 0.1 ° C, deviation: ± 0.5 °C
  • Authentication distance: 0.3m – 2.0m
  • Displays temperature results and abnormal temperature prompt alarm
  • Mask not-wearing alert
  • Support temperature screening of people who wear mask

Density Control

In the current unprecedented climate, in order to enable social distancing, it's imperative that buildings and facilities limit the number of people allowed inside. Many supermarkets, for instance, have a current maximum of 100 people let in at a time.

Hikvision's Density Control Solution automatically provides clear signage and ways to avoid overcrowding.

Falling down detection.

Alarm & Assistance

  • Patients or employees' injuries through falling can quickly escalate unless an organisation is warned and provides immediate help.

Evidence Management

  • Customers or employees falling can lead to liabilities for organisations involved. It is important to record & retain clear evidence through video surveillance.

People Counting

Hikvision’s People Counting Cameras, equipped with dual-lenses and embedded deep learning algorithms, are extremely accurate – more than sufficient to overcome previous challenges.

-Extremely highly accuracy
Hikvision dual-lens people counting cameras offer extremely high accuracy, with a configuration that provides 3D imaging to distinguish human beings from inanimate objects and shadows.

-Deep learning algorithms
People counting cameras also incorporate deep learning algorithms that can be continuously trained and improved with new datasets to count persons more preciously.

HIKVISION offer a complete range of equipment to suit a wealth of needs.